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noticeI am very sad to inform you, Ronald Richard has decided to take down his product ‘Erect at Will’ due to excessive pressure put on him by a multi-million male enhancement company.

However, the good news is, there is another product called ‘The Erectile Mastery Program‘ that is similar to Erect At Will program. You will learn different exercises that will reverse ED problem permanently and naturally.

You can read more about this program by clicking this link. I must say, grab this program before these fake pills manufacturers find out about this product. We all know, these manufacturers are super-rich and their employees are working day and night to report anything that doesn’t make them money.

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The Erect At Will is the new ED treatment plan by Ronald Richard which based on ancient Japanese sex secrets including Sex Shake Formula.

Ronald Richard is claiming many Japanese male porn actors are using these ancient secrets to get an erection anytime and stay hard as long as they want. Additionally, Ronald is claiming these ancient secrets used by Shigeo Tokuda, an 82-year old male porn actor, and he is one of the oldest male porn actors in the adult industry.

Since I was suffering from erection problem since the age 30, I decided to try out these techniques especially that sex shake.

The review of Erect At Will is all about explaining what is inside this program, results we get from 36 men who test it and what I think about it, so that it will help you in deciding if it is really for you or not. I am sure you will learn a lot from this review.

How Erect At Will Saved My Life:

I am 32 y/o, and I suffered from ED almost all part of my adult life. I created this review to share my story and in hope to help people who want to overcome their erection problems.

I get my first girlfriend at the age of 20, and we don’t go for intercourse for three years. Yes, it’s incredible that things last that much longer. The biggest reason was, I could able to get it up to satisfy her. I was in serious love with her. I was so attracted to her, but that wasn’t enough.

In the end, she decided to leave me. Since then, I started taking Viagra and Cialis more than I can even remember. Being single and in relationships from time to time, I was using them secretly. Although I hate taking them but still I have to take them as I had no option. I didn’t remember I went for sex without taking them at that time. My sex drive was destroyed.

Things Started To Change… But Didn’t Last Long

erection pillsOne day I discovered about Erect at Will (EAW) through my email and suddenly got interested because the author was talking about problems that I was facing.

I was 30 at that time, and I was shocked by reading it. Until now, I thought masturbation and porn are completely fine, but I didn’t realize they caused these problems. I love watching hardcore since I was 13 and that keep on escalating as the years go by.

I used all the ancient secrets I learn from Erect at Will for 60 days, and I saw some improvement, but it didn’t solve all my problems. After getting into some relationships, I was back to watching porn. I completely forget about everything I learn from EAW. And because of this I back to the blue and yellow pills once again.

After 3 Months…

Since I was back on pills, I was very depressed about what was happening with me. I don’t remember from where, but I start thinking about Erect At Will once again.

No PMOI pull out all the material that I had from an old folder and started reading it once again. I couldn’t believe how stupid I was to let myself slip into it even after getting out of it.

I stopped PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm), went to gym x3 a week and start lifting heavy weights. I also started doing sprinting and also improved my diet. But most importantly, I started using Erect at Will’s techniques regularly. I get in the relationship with a girl but keep on making excuses to avoid sex. After three weeks we went for it. At that time, my erection was not that hard, but there was a massive improvement and the sensation was awesome. But the biggest thing for me was, I experienced these feelings without any medication.

I kept the same routine for three months. And for the first time, I can say I have fully overcome my ED problem. Since then, sex has been fantastic for me. My erections are stronger than ever before. The feeling I get is fantastic and the level of control I have is terrific as well. Whenever my mind gives me doubts about my erection, my dick gets rock hard. I couldn’t believe I finally cured my ED without pills or surgery.

My Prescription:

My Prescription: Erect At Will + gym + running = NO ED, hard erection, high libido, and full control on ejaculation. I am now sticking with EAW’s techniques because it feels like I am sending nutrient-rich blood to my penis.

So, things are good for me now. I hope my story will encourage you to take the right route and cure your ED permanently.

Click the button below to download Erectile Mastery Program. The original ‘Erect at Will’ is taken down by its author but Erectile Mastery contains techniques which are very much similar and provide great long-term results as well. Grab it before it disappear.

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What is Erect At Will and Who Is Behind It?

Erect At Will BookRonald Richard has been researching about these ancient Japanese secrets for the major part of his adult life.

He treated his ED problem with these secrets, but when his old friend approach him as he was suffering from ED and having difficulty to get hard on, he knew exactly what his friend needs. This leads to the creation of Erect At Will book.

The Erect At Will by Ronald Richard is pack with ancient secrets that can help men suffering from limp erection, sexual stamina issues, and sexual performance anxiety.

Japanese porn actors are not allowed to use sex pills, but they are using these ancient secrets that they learn from their forefathers to perform better and remain hard as long as they want. Many men in Asian countries are using these secrets successfully for many decades.

Erect At Will Results:

Before sharing results with you, I want to ensure you if you are the one who is suffering from ED then don’t worry because ED is more common than you think and more importantly, ED is NOT a disease. You can treat it naturally just like thousands of men did in the past and STILL doing it.

I know many men want to overcome their ED problem by using Richard’s Erect At Will system that is why I decided to back up my review with the real-life test.

The hardest truth of life is, if you can’t be able to get an erection or hold it up, you are less than a man!

I talked with 50+ senior men who were suffering from some type of erection issues. I promised to keep their name and information complete hidden from the general public. After my continuous insisting, 36 men agreed to give it a shot.

I send the secrets and sex shake recipe from this book to these 36 men and ask them to try them for six weeks.

After six weeks, 32 of these men said they started getting erections which are much better and stronger than what they have before. Shockingly, 21 men out of these reported they start feeling great blood-flow into their penis in as little as ten days. Also, their anxiety about losing the erection has greatly reduced.

In my personal opinion, I think the advice (or secrets) provided by Ronald in this program can help you overcome your ED problem regardless of whether you are in your 20s or you are in your 80s.

You can learn more about this program from the official website: (Your information will remain discreet… that’s our promise)

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There is no worst feeling than unable to perform in bed.

The Benefits of Erect At Will Program:

Completely Natural:

Limp ErectionThese secrets hold an important place in Japanese culture. This program shows the ED cure shake that is powerful enough to cure all types of ED. Ronald has provided a complete list of ingredients that are easily available in supermarkets. The best part is, these natural herbs and plants are affordable and have almost ZERO side-effects.


We all know blue pill works! However, if you start taking them before every sex then you will be shelling out over $2000 bucks a year. And these blue pills are known to cause side effects such as heart attack, blurry eyes, headaches and many more (discover more about Viagra side-effects here). However, when we talk about ED shake, it is completely natural and none of the men we tested, report any side effect.

Digital Format:

Everyone wants to apply the information as quickly as possible that is one of the reasons Ronald decided to provide these secrets in a digital format. Additionally, digital books are a lot easier to handle than hard copies especially when it comes to sensitive topics like erectile dysfunction.

Easy To Follow:

There is no strict diet in this program which makes it easy to follow. Just to let you know, Japanese male porn stars able to get hard and remain hard without any special food, they are just drinking a shake that helping them. Ronald has revealed the ingredients of this shake that you can prepare anytime. There is no rocket science in it!

Weak Points:

I take a long break before creating this section because it is difficult to point out any weak point in a program that’s natural and provide instant access. Here are two things that I feel author needs to fix:

  • Price is a little bit high for people living on a tight budget. However, this wouldn’t be a problem for you if you are spending money on ED pills. This is natural ED treatment plan in which you will save some dollars in the long run. And once you overcome your ED problem, your ongoing expense on ED pills will drop to zero!
  • Since it is a natural treatment program, that is the reason, results come slowly. I do get some positive results with this program within a week. However, the results will get better with time especially if you regularly follow the plan laid in this program.

What Makes Erect At Will #1 ED Treatment Plan?

REASON #1 – Increase In Penis Erection Size:

penis erectionOut of 36 men we test, 10 has reported that their penis erection looks bigger than before. Since this was an additional benefit that is why we didn’t ask them to measure their penis size before testing this program. Anyways, any gain in penis size matters a lot for confidence in bed.

REASON #2 – Complete Sexual Health Package:

Erect At Will program has everything to ensure your success. Combine Sex Shake Formula along with different exercising techniques recommended by the author to improve your sexual health.

REASON #3 – Good Support:

The author is providing good support and regularly receiving positive testimonials from all over the world. I send a couple of email to the author and receive response pretty quickly. Due to the nature of the program, some author prefers to hide their identity, but that’s not the same case in this program.

REASON #4 – Reputable Company and Legal Billing Practices:

Beware of using your credit card online as some companies take your credit card information and charge you month after month hoping you will not notice these charges in your statement. Erect At Will is covered by ClickBank which is leading and well-respected company and whatever you buy from ClickBank will show as CLKBANK*COM in your statement.

REASON #5 – Ironclad 60 Days Money Back Guarantee:

You will get full 60 days money back guarantee. This money back guarantee will allow you to test this program without any risk. In case if you don’t find it helpful then, you can request for refund and get your money back.

Where To Buy Erect At Will?

no amazon and eBayMany online bookstores start listing the fake copies of Ronald’s program on Amazon and eBay. It is important to know that, this book is NOT available on Amazon or eBay. The only place where you can get a genuine copy of this program is through its official website.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website.

Once you visit its official website, you will see a video that will explain how Ronald discover these ancient Japanese secrets and along with that you will get the big orange button to purchase it. Clickbank is the payment processor of this book which provides 60-days money back guarantee to all its books and programs.

This means that Ronald’s program comes with a money back guarantee and you will also get two bonus book without any extra charge. One of these books called ‘Becoming Ultra Attractive To Women’ that talks about exciting secrets to attract women and second bonus book called ‘Overcoming Premature Ejaculation’ talks about tips and techniques a man can use to overcome premature ejaculation.

To conclude, Ronald’s Erect at Will is the digital book that you can order right now and start using it to overcome your ED problem permanently without any side effects.

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